Do you guys sue people?

No, that is not what we do. We find and delete your content by requesting the filehosters to delete it. They are obliged to comply to a take down notice since they operate on US soil and under the DMCA they must take down that content or they will be held liable for the damage that has been caused by illegally hosting such content.

How long does it take you to take down the content?

It usually takes us 3-5 working days to get your content removed.

Do you guarantee the removal of the content?

Yes, your content will be removed completely.

How will I know that you guys did your job?

You will receive a detailed report in which we will give you all the sites that have shared your content and the amount of links that were removed from the filehosters.

What happens after you remove the links?

We usually monitor your content for some time to see if it will be shared again, so that we can alert you if your content gets reuploaded.

What is your primary payment processor?

Currently we are using Paypal only, but are looking to expand the methods you can pay us.

What kind of services do you offer and how much do you charge?

To see what we have to offer please follow this link.