Here we will be posting all the reviews and testimonials from our customers. As you’ll notice we provide a top notch service and our customers are happy with it. If you have used our service and by some chance haven’t left a review please do contact us and we’ll be happy to post it here.

Alex Smith (Purger Inc.) did a great job for us. He found and disabled 22 sites that were illegally downloading our products. He did this in a prompt and professional manner and we would highly recommend his services.

Art Riggs, deeptissuemassagemanual.com

This is a great service. Alex managed to find and take down our freely shared content which was shared on over 30 sites. He was very professional and the service was straightforward with quick results. Definitely recommend them.

Danny Waynes, Fine Productions

We’ve had our issues with our content being freely shared for some time now, and as a small business owner we didn’t have the resources to have a legal team. Logan managed to find the sites which were sharing our content rather quickly and take it down within just a few days. We have seen an increase in our sales and that is surely because of their service. Thanks guys!

Katy Watkins, King Carols